Tuesday, September 11, 2007

If you have any photos from the reunion/homecoming, please email them to tammi_jo@hotmail.com and I will post them...thanks!

Class float in the parade

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

25th Reunion Class Photo

Back row: John Simmons, Skip Chase, Wayne Howard
Second row: Todd Lyford, Laurie Tuxford Harmon, Brenda Hughes, Valerie Stone Curry, Linda Blais, Scott Arno, Michelle Vigue, Tammy Raymond Robinson, Shelley Strout Brasslett, Bonnie Hall
Front row: Laurie Johnson Muzzy, Julie Weston Drisko, Tammi Nelson Macomber, Kim Speed Surrette, Chris Ryder Hall, Ann Kendall Erickson

Sunday, August 5, 2007

We had a great 25th year reunion!
Thank you so much to everyone that helped with the planning and execution of this wonderful day.
Here's a list of folks that committed their time:

Organization And Committee Heads:
President - Chris Ryder chris@lumbra.net
Website - Skip Chase pastor@mnvbc.org
Website - Tammi-Jo Macomber tammi_jo@bellsouth.net
Float - Scott Arno sarno@foxcroftacademy.org
Contacting Classmates - Joyce Koenig Perry japerry3@adelphia.net
Afternoon Reunion - Lauri Tuxford Harmon Harmonssc@aol.com
Evening Reunion - Joyce Koenig Perry japerry3@adelphia.net
Evening Reunion - Mara Lary Scott mara_scott@hotmail.com
Contacting Class Mates For Current Information:
Joyce Koenig Perry, Chris Ryder, Scott Arno
Scott Arno, Kim Speed Surette {Carmel, ME} 207-848-5289, Chris Ryder, Skip Chase, Shelley Strout Brasslett {Bradford, ME} sbraslett@midmaine.com
Afternoon Reunion With Children:
Lauri Tuxford Harmon, Skip Chase, Shelley Strout Brasslett

Friday, August 3, 2007

FA Alumni Banquet

FA Alumni Banquet:
Skip & Letha Chase, Laurie & Luke Muzzy, Kim & John Surrette, Tammi-Jo Macomber, and Susan Smith

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

From Tom True

I moved to New Hampshire on my 18th birthday, the day after we graduated, and have been here ever since. It took me only a few short months to fall in love with the state but it was love at first sight when I met my wife Kathy at UNH. I met Kathy while headed to see my brother Terry & FA in the state championship football game; luckily our relationship went better than the game. We dated for five years before we were married in 1988 & we have enjoyed our lives together ever since.

We have two children, Chelsea (16) and Alex (13), spitting images of their mother & father respectively. As with virtually all teens these days, they are very active and can’t get enough IM-ing/texting/socializing to fill their days but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We have lived in Deerfield, NH since we were married. Deerfield is very rural and is located halfway between Manchester & Portsmouth. The beauty of our area is that we’re near nothing but close to everything: the seacoast, the mountains, Boston, etc.

We have run a medium-sized civil engineering firm in Bedford since 1998 and our firm specializes in land development. We are considered part of the Greater Boston area, which drives our market, but I’m glad I’m not making that commute.

We all love to ski, hike, bike, kayak & other outside activities but especially love the 2-3 weeks each year that we spend at our camp on the coast near Ellsworth/Trenton. The picture above is from the top of The Bubbles in Acadia but unlike Dale, this is not my typical grooming, I only put the razor away when on vacation.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

From Chris Ryder

I am currently living in Dexter with my friend Mike Blake. I travel to work in the office at Lumbra Hardwoods Inc. in Milo, ME. I have been there for about 2 1/2 years. It is a small hardwood sawmill.

Here is a picture of me and my girls. Whitney (21), myself, Heather (22), Jami (16), and Brooke (18).

I am looking forward to our 25th class reunion. Skip and Tammi-Jo have done a great job keeping the web page going. It is amazing how people have changed over the years!

Please try and get in contact with someone on the list if you are planning on attending the reunion. Let us know which events you would like to attend. This will give us an idea of how much food we need, how many shirts, and etc. to plan on...

Hope that you can make it-if you can't, send pictures!


From Susan Bishop

Hello to the class of 1982,

Where has the time gone? 25 years??? It seems like it was yesterday that I was sneaking out of Ms. Burrow's study hall to walk to Butterfields for one of my favorite peanut butter ice cream cones. I can’t believe how easy and simple life was then.

Well I’m no longer living in Maine. My husband and I (Bill) have been married 19 years this summer. Bill and I met at the Blethen House while he was on a hunting trip in Dover-Foxcroft. We live in Thompson, Connecticut with our four children. Sarah (18) our oldest daughter just graduated from Marianapolis Preparatory she is pursuing a degree in psychology. Audrey (16) is a junior at Marianapolis Prep she is full of talent!!! She plans on pursing a degree in music, art and photography. Logan (11) makes me laugh everyday with his honest humor, he is entering the six grade and attends the Wolf School in Providence RI. Blake (7) will be starting second grade this fall. He is an “actor” Blake loves to perform on stage; he is also a talented T-ball player.

I went back to school in 2002 at a community college near our home. I graduated with my associate’s degree in 05 and now I am starting my senior year in a bachelor degree program at Charter Oak State College in human services/psychology. I am actually considering working on my masters after I graduate…..

I work fulltime for a non profit social service agency located here in Thompson. My title is Community Advocate which means I help people from birth to death. My favorite part of my job or my passion is empowering parents to become their child’s advocate. I work as a parent coach helping parents to understand their child’s special needs and assisting them with the public school system. www.teegonline.org

I was surprised to see the picture on the blog of myself and four of my close friends from school Vicki, Joanna, Lisa and Wendy. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun the five of us had together. One of my fondest memories was the day we all skipped school and went to Bar Harbor to play on the beach.

I am hoping to be at the reunion in August. I would love to reconnect with some of my friends I already made an email connection with Vicki Yakulevich after about 23 years. So if anyone else wants to reconnect my email address is susannewit@peoplepc.com I’d love to hear from you.

Hopefully I will see you all in August,

Susanne (Bishop) Witkowski

Monday, June 18, 2007

Help us locate these classmates:

Wayne Decker - Cindy Dean - Janice Curtis Smith
Star Ethier - Debra (Smith) Ireland - Tracie Pemble
Tom Anderson - David Cummings - David Farris
Lisa Dutton - John Evans - David Sylvain - Michael Schaff
*If you have ANY information on these people,
PLEASE email one of our contacts, Thanks!

From Troy Hartley

Hi all,

My apologies for coming so late to this party. I've been waiting for my summer work travel plans to settle a bit so that I would know whether we can make it to the reunion or not. Unfortunately it is not looking too good right now. I am a research faculty and administrator at the University of New Hampshire and have a research trip to Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island that currently is scheduled for Aug 3-22. It is unlikely to change, but if it does, I'll let you know.
I glanced over Skip's blog briefly tonight. That was fun and I'm glad to see so many people interested and posting materials. It looks like there will be a lot of class activities and participation over the homecoming weekend. Great job!
I guess I win the class "Guess your classmate's future pool"¦ and you all laughed at me when I said Skip would be a pastor, Dale would have long beard & ride a Harley in S-F, and I would have more gray hair than the both of them.
I've attached a photo from last fall. My wife, Diane, and I have been married for 15yrs, we won the price for more recent newlyweds at the10th reunion. We waited eight years before having children. So our kids are still little. Emma just finished 1st grade and Griffin is in pre-school. Emma is a monster swimmer for the Exeter Swim Team. I think she can backstroke faster than I can run. Griffin hasn't decided whether he wants to throw and bat left handed or right, it's sort of depends upon his mood at the moment, I guess. Switch-hitters are good though. He's typical little boy who likes to sail his pirates hip, canons blasting, into Emma's fairytopia land or any thing that resembles a gathering of dolls.
We've been in NH for 5.5 yrs now. I am a research faculty in natural resource and environmental policy. Most of my work lately has been on marine and fisheries policy and management. I also am an administrator of a research funding organization at UNH that funds a wide range of biological, oceanographic, fishing gear design engineering, and socio-economic studies on the Gulf of Maine. I work some with the local fishermen and get good deals on my lobster from the local coops. Diane is the deputy director of a non-profit workforce housing organization in the seacoast area, advocating for and building workforce and affordable housing, housing for starting school teachers, police officers, fire fighters, etc.
Prior to NH, we were in the Washington DC area for 2 years, after spending 6 years in Ann Arbor & Detroit, Michigan where I did my Ph.D. work. We were in the DC area prior to Michigan too. I worked for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in hazardous waste enforcement and policy for 6 years. So We've bounced around a little bit. We're less interested in moving so much now that the family is bigger. But research faculty are paid on grants that we raise and are not tenured or tenure-track faculty paid with money available in a university's budget. So, there have been a couple times since we've been in NH that we thought we would have to move on to another job and it is likely there will be more such funding uncertainty in the future. But that's life and we ride the funding wave.
I look forward to keeping track of the reunion planning and if my research travel plans change, we will try to make it.

Cheers, Troy

Troy W. Hartley
Associate Director, Northeast Consortium
Research Asst Prof of Natural Resource & Environmental Policy
Dept Resource Econ & Development

From Bill Savage

I dont know if you received the info I sent on myself earlier but here is a recent picture of my family. My wife Michelle and me at her 3rd Graduation. My son Camron, straight A student, MVP quarterback last season, oh yea he loves to fish. He is 10.
I will not be attending the reunion as school for my son starts on the first monday in August. I will be in Dover the first 2 weeks of July though if anyone would like to get together then just call my parents there number is in the book and I will be staying at their house out at the lake.

We live about 45 miles south of Louisville in the little town of Rineyville population counting dogs, cats, and cows is about 800. I plan on coming up to Minn. next year hopefully. Depends on work and school. I want to do some fishing at Leach lake and maybe Lake of the Woods. Good to here from you and great site that you have put together for the class.

Talk with you later.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Robyn (Rudgers) Crewdson writes:

It really is hard to believe that it has been an additional 15 years since our last reunion. I had a lot of fun at our 10th, especially at the golf scramble.
What’s new, well I got married this past January and honeymooned in the Southern Caribbean. David and I had been together for 21 years before we decided to marry. The Southern Caribbean was absolutely beautiful and can’t wait to return. I am working for Smith Barney in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and have lived in Troy, Michigan for 18 years. I have three cats, who think they are people, and we are planning a trip to the Mexican Riviera in December.
I am going to try to come to our 25th, WOW, year reunion. I am studying for a big test, for work, and i have three days to sit the test...you guessed them, July 30th, 31st, and August 1st. So I won't know until I sit the test if I can get out to Maine but I am really going to try.

Robyn (Rudgers) Crewdson

Saturday, May 12, 2007

From Shelley (Strout) Brasslett

I have been married to Adrian since 1988. We have a beautiful daughter who will be 17 in July. She attends Bangor Christian School in Bangor. She is very active in soccer, softball, and cheering. (Never thought I'd have a cheerleader!)

Adrian also has a son who will be 28 this summer. He and his fiance are building a new home and Adrian is helping out with that. They plan to be married next year.
I am currently working for a retina-ophthalmologist and have been there for 8 years. I am the mean one (according to the patients) I am the accounts representative and take care of all the patient & insurance billing. (I'm only mean when they don't pay). I still live in Maine and actually only moved about 5 miles from my childhood home. I am also very involved with my church. I am currently the Superintendent of Sunday School and have been for years.
I am looking forward to the reunion. The pictures on the website are quite amazing. If any of them had shown up to the reunion prior to their pictures being displayed I don't think I would have known them. (especially Dale Wherle!) I can't wait to see the rest!!!


From Joe Knapp

Joe has been married close to 20 years to Denise, and they have four beautiful girls: Megan - 11, Maddy -9, Josie - 7, and Tessa - 4. They have been living in North Hamption, NH for many years where Joe is the regional sales manager for VF Imagewear.

Great to hear from you, Joe!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

From Tammi-Jo (Nelson) Macomber

Hello to all my childhood friends,

I honestly can’t believe that 25 years has gone by, the memories are still so clear and can still make me smile. (I have many memories from Morton Avenue and SeDoMoCha Jr. High as well). Dover will always be my hometown and it will always draw me to it...
I moved to West Palm Beach, Florida with my 3 children Amanda-Jo (21), Eric (18), and Katie (13) in 2000. Moving so far away made us very close and my children are a huge part of my life and who I am today. We live with my boyfriend Bob, who has 4 children of his own. He grew up in Brooklyn, so we have a city mouse-country mouse relationship at times. (You can take the girl out of Dover, but you can’t take the Dover out of the girl)

I work for the local recreation department as a preschool teacher and program coordinator. I enjoy the many activities that I am involved in and work with some wonderful people from all over the country. Bob travels quite often for his job with the healthcare alliance.
We keep busy with Katie’s basketball. (Watch for her in the WNBA one day) We have acquired 2 little dogs (Lucy & Sophie) that I have a daily love/hate relationship with. We enjoy exploring the many parks and natural preserves that Florida has to offer. The kids love the beach and have found a new interest in surfing. (Does anyone else hear the theme from Jaws?)
I think that the website holds endless possibilities for making connections and reuniting friends. I look forward to our time together this summer. I really hope that this event is not about a day, or a meal, or a new outfit; but rather about our sharing memories of our past and of what we have done with our lives (and how much we have learned along the way) since we went our separate ways so many years ago…

Never forget that “Life is good!”

Tammi-Jo (Nelson) Macomber

Monday, April 30, 2007

From George Bishop

Hi Everyone,

I'm not sure that my yr to graduate was 82! I do believe that I was to graduate in 83. I did graduate at another school after dropping out for about 7 yrs but, I still feel FA will always be my home school since ALL my friends are there.

I had a trucking accident that left me unable to walk for 6 months and a loss of memory and 2 yrs after that happend I was in Florida with a group of my friends and I brought my Jet-ski's down and I got hit in the sholder by lightning which also had some memory loss from that.

I do miss all my friends even though most prople remember me as " A bad ass". Some look at me now and question is that George? I found the Lord back in 1981 and sooo thankful that I did. I wouldnt be here today if I would have stayed on that road I was. After I left school, I got involved with a rock group as lead singer. Time changes people some for good and then others for bad.

I would love to go to the reunion because I had some people I hung out with in those upper classes as well.

George Bishop

From Bill Babash

I’m still living in Reston, Virginia, outside Washington, where I’ve been since 1986. My wife, Whitney, and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last year. We’ve been extremely fortunate to be able to do a lot of traveling to some fascinating places. We celebrated our 5th anniversary with a trip across China and Tibet, visited Morocco in 2003, and explored the antiquities of Cairo and Luxor, Egypt last year. This past February, we had a chance to spend four days in the Sahara, visiting oasis villages and trekking through the desert in southwestern Algeria. I’ve sent a picture of us just outside the oasis town of Taghit, Algeria, with some of the tallest dunes in the Sahara in the background.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Many Hands Make Light Work!!!

We had a great 25th year reunion!
Thank you so much to everyone that helped with the planning and execution of this wonderful day.
Here's a list of folks that committed their time:

Organization And Committee Heads:
President - Chris Ryder chris@lumbra.net
Website - Skip Chase pastor@mnvbc.org
Website - Tammi-Jo Macomber tammi_jo@bellsouth.net
Float - Scott Arno sarno@foxcroftacademy.org
Contacting Classmates - Joyce Koenig Perry japerry3@adelphia.net
Afternoon Reunion - Lauri Tuxford Harmon Harmonssc@aol.com
Evening Reunion - Joyce Koenig Perry japerry3@adelphia.net
Evening Reunion - Mara Lary Scott mara_scott@hotmail.com

Contacting Class Mates For Current Information:
Joyce Koenig Perry {D-F, ME} japerry3@adelphia.net
Chris Ryder {Dexter, ME} chris@lumbra.net
Scott Arno {D-F, ME} sarno@foxcroftacademy.org

Scott Arno {D-F, ME} sarno@foxcroftacademy.org
Kim Speed Surette {Carmel, ME} 207-848-5289
Chris Ryder {Dexter, ME} chris@lumbra.net
Skip Chase {Chaska, MN} pastor@mnvbc.org
Shelley Strout Brasslett {Bradford, ME} sbraslett@midmaine.com
Brenda LaPointe Marshall, {D-F, ME}

Afternoon Reunion With Children:
Lauri Tuxford Harmon {Spartanburg, SC} Harmonssc@aol.com
Skip Chase {Chaska, MN} pastor@mnvbc.org
Shelley Strout Brasslett {Bradford, ME} sbraslett@midmaine.com

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Info On Dave Locke

Dave lives in Seattle with his wife and has three daughters (7,12,14). He has become a a mystic and a deacon in a nondenominational Christian order of priests and deacons.

His email is matthias_locke@yahoo.com

From Aime (Shenton) McGraham

I moved to the West Coast from Bangor twenty years ago. I've lived in Scottsdale, Arizona for more than twelve years; before that, Huntington Beach, California for eight. I am Regional Vice President of Sales for Ameritas Group Dental & Eyecare, a Nebraska insurance company I've been with for nearly fifteen years. My job is about 60% travel, all over the US. I graduated magna cum laude from Arizona State University (finally) in 2000.

I am married to a great guy, Rollie, who is originally from Boston. He's a personal trainer. We are both passionate about fitness. He competes in bicycle races throughout the west; I am an distance runner. I've run numerous half-marathons around the US, six marathons, including the Boston Marathon, and two ultramarathons, a 50K trail run and a 44-miler in and out of the Grand Canyon last year (photo below).

We have a golden retriever and a cat. I am also very active in volunteer work for Best Friends Animal Society, the nation's largest no-kill shelter. I write and edit their online newsletter for the state of Arizona

Amie (Shenton) McGraham

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Info On Mark Schwarz

"I'm extremely honored to have the opportunity to be a squadron commander in this group, but even more so that the last class here is under my watch," said Lt. Col. Mark Schwarz, 49th FTS commander. "The support from Valdosta and the surrounding local communities has been tremendous and really made our experience enjoyable." The IFF course is designed to train the techniques of flying fighter aircraft on the AT-38C Talon to students who recently finished initial pilot training. All students are either pilot candidates or weapon system operators, and their next assignment is typically formal training at a front-line fighter unit. "We introduce the students to how they'll be trained at units that feature the F-15, F-16 and A-10," said Colonel Schwarz. "Their training covers the specifics of debriefing and briefing execution in the air - skills they'll need to know in the combat air forces. We structure ourselves like a real fighting squadron rather than a training organization." Despite their departure from Moody, the 49th FTS is not scheduled to deactivate but will instead move to Columbus Air Force Base, Miss. To officially mark this occasion, the 49th FTS is holding a ceremony March 7. The move is part of an Air Force initiative to bring IFF to pilot training in an effort to help save money in-light of recent budget constraints, said Colonel Schwarz. "We are scheduled to hold a quick ceremony to take the 49th FTS flag down," said Colonel Schwarz. "I will transfer our guidon to Col. (Richard) Turner, (479th Flying Training Squadron commander), and then load it up for it to fly out to Columbus. The ceremony will definitely leave a bittersweet feeling because we had such a good time at Moody."

From Skip Chase

Hello Everyone!

There's only so much you can do with a picture. As you can see, one of my favorite activities is eating, particularly at Famous Dave's, a local rib house that has gone national. I also have become an avid Twins fans, after living in the Twin Cities for over a decade. I have to say that Dale's beard is the best I've seen in some time and Guichi appears to be surviving our middle life years.
Here's my family: my wife Letha (from Georgia); and our children, Isaac, 17; Sam 16; and Tim 15.

All three of our boys love to play rugby and are on the same team. It certainly helps our prayer life! Our oldest son Isaac will be returning to Maine this fall to attend Maine Maritime Academy in Castine on a full Navy scholarship. We have mixed emotions over all of this, strongly desiring him to go forward in life but selfishly hating to see him leave us for adulthood.

What happened to me? I thought the best way to describe this was by audio. Please click this link and press "play." http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?currSection=sermonssource&sermonID=42007113636

I am looking forward to seeing everyone this summer for our 25th reunion and could use anyone and everyone's help in some way to host a great reunion. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


From Dale Wherle

25th reunion? Unbelievable! I'm feeling old! I'm way over on the other side of the country - San Francisco, CA.

I really would like to see everyone, but I'm afraid I can't make it out this time - it overlaps with the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I'll be on the road for a couple of weeks, one of several runs and rallies I try to do each year.
What happened to me?
I left Bangor, Maine in 1994 for Massachusetts - first Boston, then Fitchburg. In 2004 I moved to Sunnyvale CA, then up to San Francisco - commuting in wonderful Bay Area traffic down to Cupertino each day, where I work as an embedded systems engineer for Apple Inc. Everyone, take lots of pictures, look forward to hearing all about the journeys we've all taken through life post-FA.

What have 25 years done to me? Have a look - it's me from last Sunday. My mom still threatens to cut my long hair and beard with scissors in my sleep when I visit.

Be well,